As Information Technology (I.T.) professionals ourselves, we realize just how fragmented and dysfunctional the onboarding process can be, especially when entering a large corporation’s I.T. department. Standard human resource processes, facilities request, and application/permission management all have a cumulative effect of slowing projects. The process overwhelms project managers, isolates candidates, and ultimately stagnates projects.

As the only I.T. onboarding provider of its kind, LiL-Tec provides an alternative solution to the problem. We reduce the large amounts of time and resources it takes to turn a candidate into a valuable contributor to your team. We are not an I.T. recruiting agency, but a one of a kind onboarding firm. Our process works with the candidate as soon as they accept your offer. We guide them through the process earning their trust, commitment, and mutual respect.

LiL-Tec can be fully customized to your organization; interacting with all areas to include: Human Resources, Project Management, and I.T. Application owners. We understand that onboarding a new I.T. Professional requires a lot of singular and also interconnected tasks. We also recognize that these tasks have interdependencies between and within departments. LiL-Tec can help determine the critical path of these onboarding tasks through the entire process.

The final result is an I.T. Professional that is fully integrated into the project team on their first days on the job. The candidate will have all of the tools, permissions, and training to successfully push code in days not weeks. Our approach takes the candidate from their background test to their first smoke test (of their first code push) and continues to socially integrate them into your organization. Thus accelerating the long onboarding process and allowing you and your organization to get back to your core business.

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