A little bit about me, Scott Rexroad, founder of LiL-Tec.

Hi, I’m Scott; also referred to as “Rex” which is a nickname given to me as a kid because of my last name and it has just stuck over the years. I grew up in small, rural town in Southern Illinois, where everyone knows everyone. When I say small town, I mean 500 people total and that’s with a nickname of “Rex”. So needless to say, everyone tends to know who you are and what you are all about. If there is anything to be said of rural America, whether it be good or bad, the one good point is that your values and character stand out and you are noticed.

As a small town boy, with big aspirations, I finally made my way to Chicago…the fast-paced, business savvy, and technology-driven city, where I landed as Project Manager/I.T. Professional. It’s here where I began to learn and understand how I.T. shops are set up, work, and in some cases, fail. This is especially true in larger corporations, where an individual I.T. Professional is usually treated like a mere cog in the larger machine. Over the last 15 years I have seen countless I.T. Professionals sit idle for days, even weeks, as they wait for their permissions, setups, knowledge transfers, and many other vital functions get set up in order to do their job. Usually treated disrespectfully (especially if an I.T. Contractor), these I.T. Professionals are initially unable to perform the job they were hired to do. As the days turn to weeks the I.T. Professional’s frustration grows. The company however, continues to burn through their I.T. budget, wasting away days of productivity, limiting team integration, and expanding their project timelines.

So, after a while of seeing and experiencing this first-hand, I just could not stand it anymore. I had enough of the wasted time, lack of planning, and ultimately the failure of a new I.T. Professional joining an organization. I decided to do something about it. That is why I started LiL-Tec to end the needless onboarding roadblocks for I.T. Professionals.

Trust, Commitment, and Mutual Respect, that is where it all begins!

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