Posted on: December 6th, 2017

Thank you in advance for visiting the LiL-Tec Blog page. I started this page as a free forum space to discuss all of the different issues facing I.T. Professionals when they join (onboard) a new organization. This site; however, is not just for individual contributors, but also includes the problems facing I.T. Managers and the Executives that run I.T. shops as well as the Human Resource Officers that train the individual contributors.

Examples of some of the topics I hope to cover include:

  • I.T. Setup issues to include equipment, applications, and permission access
  • Difficulties in acquiring business knowledge
  • Understanding new I.T. environments and protocols
  • Setting and agreeing on performance goals and measurements
  • Contractual versus Employee issues

Although all of these tasks are very challenging, they can be overcome. This comes with understanding the full picture of an I.T. shop, gaining everyone’s trust, and finally earning mutual respect. Mutual Respect is the main core value that we believe is the undertone to overcoming all of these problems, or as we call them Road Blocks. This is why LiL-Tec was created since we believe I.T. Professionals should not be burdened with needless roadblocks.

We look forward to hearing from you and your suggestions on overcoming these issues.

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